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Cut Flower Hyacinths

Cut flower hyacinths are one of our favorite spring treats. So sweet and fragrant, nothing else screams "spring!" quite like these blooms.

Growing hyacinths as cut flowers is a fairly labor-intensive process. We plant the bulbs in the fall into bulb crates and then store them in our cooler, where they stay for several months to get adequate winter chilling. We then bring the hyacinths into a shaded spot in a warm greenhouse, where they bloom quickly and stretch out for the light.

Hyacinths are naturally short flowers. To get longer stems and a better vase life, we hand carve each bulb down and leave the bottom of the bulb (AKA the basal plate) attached.

Unlike every other flower we sell, we advise you to not re-cut hyacinth stems. The bit of bulb and roots at the bottom will help them last much longer.

With big flowers and tall stems, hyacinths are top-heavy. Choose a taller, supportive vase for the best results, and change the water often for the best vase life. We also like to break a hyacinth bouquet into individual stems and put one in each room of our home in bud vases. Nothing smells as great as a house full of hyacinths!

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