In 2019, after over a decade of living in NYC, we left behind our urban lives to  start our dream farm. Currently we raise Katahdin sheep, chickens and bees, and this year we are starting a small-scale cut flower trial. Our vision is a no-till, regenerative farm, growing cut flowers and raising sheep and honeybees. We use our sheep to terminate cover crops and fertilize our land, rather than traditional tillage and non-organic fertilizers. We plan to leave 10-15% of our cut flowers in the field to help sustain our honeybees as well as populations of native pollinators. In turn, we utilize honey as a natural dewormer for our sheep as well as a floral preservative.

Our land is just 10 acres, formerly conventionally farmed Christmas trees and soybeans. As a result, the soil is acidic, compact and depleted of nutrients. We are working to restore it with intensive grazing, planting cover crops, spreading high quality compost, and other regenerative techniques.

We know what we're undertaking is ambitious, and possibly a bit crazy - but we have a dream and we are trying to "shoot for the moon" to bring it to life. Thanks for following along as we build Moonshot Farm!


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