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We're Mark and Rebecca, a husband-wife team keen on bringing beauty to our community! In 2019, after over a decade of living in NYC, we left behind our urban lives to start our dream farm.


Here at Moonshot Farm, we grow what are known as specialty cut flowers. These are different than your average grocery store/florist blooms, which are usually imported from far, far away. Our flowers are delicate and smell amazing. They aren't doused in dangerous chemicals, so you can feel safe keeping them in your house. They're also grown in a sustainable, bee-friendly way. While we are not currently USDA organic certified, our flowers are grown utilizing organic practices and without harsh pesticides or herbicides. All of our packaging is zero-waste and plastic-free.


We know what we're undertaking is ambitious, and possibly a bit crazy - but we have a dream and we are trying to "shoot for the moon" to bring it to life. Thanks for following along as we build Moonshot Farm!

Seven months since we left the city and
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